Bedouin Style

DSCF7847 1 copy
This is a very traditional Bedouin style seating arrangement. Cushions are covered in a colorful tribal print and are paired with beautiful Persian carpets. The cushions are usually placed on the floor or ground, but sometimes an elevated wooden frame might be used. This red patterned woven cloth on the cushions is a very typical Bedouin design. Many restaurants here offer seating like this and many families also may have something similar in their homes too. It’s actually very comfortable.


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8 Responses to Bedouin Style

  1. Mazin says:

    How can I buy a set like it? We are desperate to find one, please help!

    • Mazin – If you are in Jeddah, there are many places you can buy Bedouin sets like this one. I have seen shops all over the place that make them or carry them. I’ve even seen some in Hyper Panda.

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  3. Madakto says:

    Do you sell this item. Yoou see, I love Bedouin Sofas and intend on placing them on my balcony. If you will sell it, I will give you a maximum of $AUS 300-400!

    Thank You

  4. Bill B says:

    I could never get up with my knees.

  5. Great photo and interesting info. I LOVE the persian rug. The sofa does look comfortable. I just caught up on your blog photos after spending 2 weeks in Europa. Kind regards

  6. Chiara says:

    I like the low sofas, and each pattern bedouin and persian invidually, but the juxtaposition is striking–I’m still not sure whether I like the particular combo or not. Maybe a different combo would work better, or maybe I would get used to it. Striking photo, which I do like! 🙂

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