Soccer Practise

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Soccer is a popular sport among boys and young men in Saudi Arabia. This is a soccer field in central Jeddah. One thing that I find sad is that women here are not allowed to watch their sons or husbands play any sport. This is due to the severe segregation of the sexes in this country. My impression is that most Saudi women would not be that interested in attending the games or practises anyway and do not care to take a more active role in this manner. I can only think back to my youth when my mom was awarded a trophy by the Little League sponsor of the baseball team all four of my brothers played on – she never missed attending one game in all the years that my brothers played, spanning a period of almost twenty consecutive years. I always thought my name should have been on her trophy too since I always tagged along myself! It was such an important part of my childhood – yet women and girls here are prohibited from taking part.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Soccer Practise

  1. Chiara says:


    Você pode copiar e colar o URL no Google Translate e leia toda a coisa em Português.
    Isto funciona melhor se você pode ler Inglês suficiente para corrigir os erros de tradução.

    Então você pode fazer os seus comentários em Português e tê-los traduzidos para Inglês. Você pode verificar a tradução, traduzindo-lo de volta para o Português. Você pode copiar colar a versão em Inglês dos comentários aqui.



  2. Olá! Tens um belo espaço, belas fotos, porém seria melhor se puzesses um tradutor, poi assim, ficaria bem mais fácil para entender e comentar.



  3. Jerry M says:

    Do Saudis really believe the complete sex segregation is a moral imperative? Do the believe the rest of the world is a depraved nest of whores, pimps and johns?

    • Jerry, I can’t speak for all Saudis, but my impression is that some very fanatical Muslims here DO believe that… I feel that the segregation of the sexes here is carried too far for my liking – it is viewed here as a preventative measure and they would probably say it is indeed a moral imperative.

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