Sitting Around Al-Balad

DSCF8245 1 copy
While driving through the old Al-Balad section of Jeddah one day, I saw this group of men sitting on a corner in front of a business. Most of the men are wearing the traditional long white dress, called thobe. Even though I try to be discreet when snapping informal photos like this one as we whiz by in a car, it’s amazing how people here always seem to spot a camera in this country. Not many people go around taking photos.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Sitting Around Al-Balad

  1. HI Susie, I’m asking your permission to paint your beautiful photographs entitled “Sitting Around Al-Balad”. I will surely credit you for the the piece. Thanks!

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  3. Chiara says:

    They all look like subsaharan Africans to me, most obviously the fellow in the green African wrap, but also the other 3, even the one with the smaugh. To me it is interesting in terms of expat workers in Saudi, or non-Saudis established in the country for a long time.

  4. I had a great time in Al Baleed taking pictures during the 90/91 Gulf War. I asked permission in the souq ā€“ got a yes and got some nice pictures. Then a policeman came up and started telling me I should not ā€“ then the shop keepers came up to him and said that it was ok and that he (the policeman) should leave me alone.

    In your picture I think the guy on the left is Saudi – the two on the right might be Sudani

  5. Chiara says:

    Thanks, Susie. It is a great photo, so typical of a MENA scene, and beautiful colours. Maybe they are “Abyssinian” Saudis. šŸ˜‰

  6. I’m not really sure, but most of them are dressed in the traditional white thobe of the Saudis, so my guess would be black Saudis.

  7. Chiara says:

    Black Saudis or Africans?

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