Barnie’s Coffee

DSCF1013 1 copy
Some businesses here in Saudi Arabia, like small coffee shops and bank ATMs, use a tall tower like in this photo to attract customers and many are lit up with green lights. What I find interesting about it is that, to me, it seems to mimic the tall minarets of mosques, many of which have green lighting. Coincidence?


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Barnie’s Coffee

  1. mohammed says:

    abha region dont serve english tea daily that is big problem

  2. Bill B says:

    As they say in the spy movies, “There are no coincidences.”

  3. The green colors are Saudi flag similar and muslim minaret complimentary. It looks like a very small coffee drive up stand? Are there lots of tea and coffee shops in Jeddah? Which is more popular, tea or coffee?

    • There are many small drive up coffee stands like this one everywhere. They are very popular. When you go into Saudi homes, tea is always served, and I would say that most people drink tea. Coffee might be the more popular drink amongst the ex-pat work force.

    • Sarah says:

      i think coffee is more popular. but you know Arbic Coffee.
      people get headaches if they don’t drink it.
      Crazy, i know.

      • Chiara says:

        The headaches are from caffeine withdrawal. If it is too long after your last coffee you will start to get a caffeine withdrawal headache, which makes you want to drink another, etc. Tea has about 1/2 the caffeine as coffee but still has the same effect, though not so marked. If anyone wants to stop caffeine completely they can deal with the headache with alot of fluids, and regular headache medication. There is of course caffeine in cola and chocolate, and even in Fanta orange drink.
        I don’t know about Saudi but in Morocco the tea/coffee split seems about even, usually depending on the time of day, and on the person.

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