Cool Arabic Sign

DSCF9567 1 copy
Jeddah really lights up at night like many cities. The sign in this photo is for a car rental business. I’m not sure what the Arabic writing (in blue, green and yellow) says but I really liked the different colors and the design.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Cool Arabic Sign

  1. I’ve noticed in many of your night time photos how many lights are visible. The city really does seem to light up at night.

  2. For those uninformed, the sign reads, “Lights of the Street Car Rental”.

    This photo has certainly been taken on Palestine street, near the intersection with Prince Mitaeb street, not very far from your local Al-Baik. This is only one of many branches, not only in Jeddah, but also serving you with pride in Riyadh, al-Kharj and Al-Khobar.

    Car rental for as cheap as 60 Saudi Riyals (US$16) per day.

    For one great experience of a service, anyone interested is well welcome to call from anywhere in the Kingdom at this toll free number: 92-000-5655

    “Lights of the Street Car Rental”
    Our Motto – Always at your service!

    Your satisfaction guaranteed.

  3. Sarah says:

    it says; “street lights for car rental” =)

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