Prayer Time

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I have such a hard time trying to capture photos like this because I am always speeding by in a car and they always come out blurred. I find it fascinating that at prayer time, which happens five times a day, the men all stop what they are doing and gather to pray together, no matter where they are. There are so many mosques around the city that many of them walk over to nearby mosques, but if that is not possible, prayers are said out on the sidewalks. Before prayers begin, everyone washes up in the manner prescribed by Islam. One man stands in front facing Mecca and leads the others in prayer. Each prayer time takes about maybe ten minutes tops.


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2 Responses to Prayer Time

  1. Mark says:

    After 16 years away from Jeddah, I’m back briefly on a consulting gig. I was over at Jamjoom the other day, at the Tihama (?) bookstore, and I found a wonderful book on the Jeddah sculptures, which I intend to buy and carry back Stateside.

    Jamjoom is near the Corniche, and I was saddened to see the sculptures there–Henry Moore, Arp, etc.–with such poorly maintained foundations. They are worth more than that, culturally speaking.

    • It is very sad indeed. Some of the sculptures have been defaced, vandalized, and graffitied. Many of the bases, as you pointed out, are in disrepair. And just as disconcerting is the fact that for the most part, the amazing art here does not seem to be appreciated. It is taken for granted and its magnificence is ignored. People just drive by and totally ignore it. As an avid art lover, this makes me sad – I can only imagine how it might make the artists feel if they knew…
      The book is well worth the price – I use it as my main source for information. And that’s another thing – it is next to impossible to gather information about many of the pieces.

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