For Kids

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This aisle in a large supermarket in Jeddah houses children’s items, like school lunchboxes with images of Barbie, Snow White, and Winnie the Pooh on them. There are also Cinderella plates, Barbie hangers, Power Ranger books, and Batman cups. As much as Western influence is disdained by many people here, these familiar images seem to have a universal appeal to young consumers around the world. Batman, Spiderman, and Power Rangers action figures are available here, however Barbies themselves are not sold in KSA. A modest Islamic version of the Barbie doll, named Fullah, is available and quite popular with young girls.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to For Kids

  1. diana says:

    Barbies ARE sold here. Fullah is new.

  2. Jerry M says:

    What do Saudi girls think of Barbie themed items if they don’t actually have the Barbies themselves?

  3. As I was reading this, my mind was racing ahead and I was already thinking “they have Barbie dolls in SA”? Just a few more words and I got my answer.

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