Scarey Name

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Here in Saudi Arabia, the most famous name, of course, belongs to the royal family, the Al-Sauds. Probably the next most well-known name belongs to the Bin Ladin family, a very wealthy group with deep ties to the royal family. The man who started it all was Mohammed Bin Ladin (1908-1967), who came to Saudi Arabia as a poor uneducated young man from Yemen before the onset of World War I. Eventually he started his own construction business, catching the attention of the royal family, and was awarded large contracts to build mosques in Saudi Arabia as well as other Middle Eastern countries.
Mohammed fathered at least 54 children and was married to over 20 wives. There are four distinct branches of the Bin Ladin family, depending on what countries Mohammed’s wives were from: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. The most famous member of the Bin Ladin family – terrorist Osama Bin Ladin – was born to Mohammed’s tenth wife, who was from Syria, so Osama is part of the Syrian branch of the family. The family numbers over 600, many of whom have denounced Osama’s activities. Osama was disowned by his family in 1994 and was also stripped of his Saudi citizenship because of public statements he made criticizing the government.
Today the Bin Ladin Group is involved in many enterprising activities beyond the realm of the construction business, reportedly with stakes in Microsoft and Boeing, among others.


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5 Responses to Scarey Name

  1. shamsan says:

    really it’s amazing and you look like a greet women , and bythe way i came to saudia arabia from yemen and i’m young guy. so i hope to see my self in the future like a (good ) bin laden not like the evil osama becouse i’m a muslim but i don’t like to be .

    but what can i do it written in My ID

    it’s my honor to know you please send to me on my emails

  2. ewok1993 says:

    Welcome back. I hoped you had a grand time back in the old US of A.

  3. Bill B says:

    Every family has one.

  4. Chiara says:

    Osama’s half-brother Mahrous was implicated in the seizure and occupation of the 2 Holy Mosques in 1979, and used bin Laden trucks and construction machinery to effect that coup. He was imprisoned and released, whereas the other detainees were convicted and beheaded

  5. Geogypsy says:

    Osama must have been the black sheep of the family. Sounds like the rest of the Bin Ladins do good. Interesting post Susie.

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