Been to “Madird” Lately?

DSCF7416 1
Signs, menus, flyers, advertisements, and just about anything with writing on it here in Saudi Arabia runs the risk of having misspellings. This is a huge wall display inside a mall restaurant. It is part of a large chain called SegaFredo. A glaring mistake is visible on the bottom line of the display which lists many of the worldwide cities where the chain’s locations are. Did you find it? Madrid is spelled incorrectly. I did check the chain’s website and saw a photo of Al-Khobar’s location with the same display, and Madrid was spelled just fine on it. Moscow is also spelled differently, but it is spelled Moscau in some countries, including Italy where the chain is headquartered. Menus and sign here are notorious for errors in spelling, and some are quite comical.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to Been to “Madird” Lately?

  1. Ha ha ha! I love the all shop names in the Gulf. We’ve got a fish & ship shop here in Abu Dhabi as well as Uranus gents saloon.

  2. Jerry M says:

    In all fairness, it is sooo easy to make a mistake when assembling signs like this. It is a nice sign. I for one can ignore the typo.

  3. Countrygirl says:

    In very country that english isn’t the main language you can find some spelling mistakes but i find a ittle nit in your post Moskow in Italian is Mosca and not Moscau 😛


  4. ِAladdin says:

    It’s major mistake when you have misspelling in a sign ,specially for who read it at the first time and use it .

  5. Inad says:

    It’s common thing in Saudi Arabia.. Cz ppl who designed this wall, don’t speak English or even Arabic. These ppl aren’t even educated (Most of them). (I mite misspelled some words here lol)

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