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My 500th Post! Gold Roses

Gold is a very popular commodity here in Saudi Arabia. There are gold shops (called souks) all over the place. The type of gold sold here is usually at least 18K, if not 22K or 24K. No matter how beautiful … Continue reading

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Mall Lounge for Ramadan

This indoor tent was put up in a mall as a lounge for Ramadan shoppers to take a break. Ramadan is the month out of the year when all Muslims abstain from food or drink from sunrise until sundown. Ramadan … Continue reading

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Crazy Hat Day

Most of the laborious jobs in Saudi Arabia are held by foreign workers who come from very poor countries. They are able to make – what’s to them – a decent wage and send money home to support their families. … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Expansive Sky

Dusk in August, north of Jeddah. To fly MORE friendly skies around the world, visit SKYWATCH.

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It Actually Rains Here Once in a While

For more than a year after I moved to Jeddah, I don’t recall it ever raining – not once. Then in February of this year, it actually rained – hard! For about a week, it rained for a short time … Continue reading

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Colorful Storefronts

Many of the small businesses here in Jeddah look very busy – graphically speaking. They use colors and lights and text and symbols and photos – anything to attract attention. Sometimes I think it’s a bit much of overkill…

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MyWorld: Road Construction

There is a huge construction project in full swing in Jeddah on several of the major thoroughfares leading to the Jeddah Airport. Due to unprecedented growth and increased traffic congestion, these roadways are being revised to include overpasses at major … Continue reading

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