The Fountain of Shells

DSCF5710 1
Mustafa Senbel, an Egyptian urban planner, designed this beautiful shell fountain for the city of Jeddah. It is made of marble and consists of one large shell which sprays its jets of water one way, while a quartet of smaller shell fountains behind it sprays jets of water in the opposite direction. My apologies for the poor quality of this photo – I snapped it as we were zooming by again! I’m hoping one day that we’ll be able to stop and I can get a much better shot. Senbel was a city planner for Jeddah for eight years, starting in 1978. In all, he is credited with designing more than twenty-five fantastic sculptures for Jeddah’s beautification project. I have featured more of his other works previously on this blog: The Seagull; The Fisherman’s Net; The Wave; and Dialogue.

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5 Responses to The Fountain of Shells

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi my name is ashley and i just moved to jeddah with my husband and son and was wondering where women that are not a size 12 buy their clothes, i went to the red sea mall and all i saw were shops catering to size 5 or less or they were selling dresses you would wear to a ball, there was no shop for just daily clothes, if you were a size 18 like i am where should one go to buy their clothes?

    • Hi Ashley – and welcome to Jeddah! There are a few shops that cater to women like us. In the Mall of Arabia, upstairs is a shop called Evans which has nice clothes and good sales. There are a couple of shops in Red Sea Mall that carry some larger sizes, but I prefer the selection at Evans. There are supposedly a few other shops and if I can get my hands on the names, I’ll let you know. I’ve actually gotten to where I do very minimal clothes shopping here in KSA – I prefer to do it in the states. I did a post on my other blog last year about how I hate shopping in this country:

      • Chiara says:

        Some Americans and Australians I know in either the South of France or Hong Kong prefer ordering clothes by (high end) catalogue and having them sent. They find the selection, sizes, prices and custom service (all can be returned) excellent, including developing favourite lines and coordinates for themselves that they know will fit and suit them. Hope this helps. There are apparently reasonable ways to ship to Saudi.

  2. Chiara says:

    I really like your series on Jeddah sculptures, and architects, keep them coming. I love the whiteness and shape of this one. Thanks for the sculptor’s name, and links to your pics of his other creations.

  3. Mark Kreider says:

    I like the smooth way the sculpture leads the eye to heaven.

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