Ramadan: Switching Days & Nights

DSCF7674 1
Ramadan is in full swing here in Saudi Arabia. It is the month during the year when Muslims abstain from food, drink, sex, and feeling anger, among other things, from sunrise until sunset. Here in Saudi Arabia, many people totally switch their daytime activities to nighttime. Many choose to sleep during the day when it’s extremely hot and most businesses are closed. Toward sundown, businesses open up and some stay open all night. It’s a crazy schedule. This photo was taken at 2:30am. It is a welding shop and the employees are hard at work. Generally I am not out and about at this hour, but we happened to be and I was amazed at the nightlife activity all over Jeddah. Young children were out riding bikes. Restaurants were overflowing with male customers. Men were washing cars, pumping gas, and shopping. Construction projects were flooded with bright lighting as dozens of laborers toiled. The only women I saw out were passengers in a few random cars and one African woman who was walking along the street pushing a baby stroller overflowing with discarded articles that she had picked up scavenging through dumpsters. The purpose of fasting during the daylight hours is so Muslims will gain an appreciation for those who are less fortunate and do not have enough to eat. Sleeping the days away during this time seems to defeat the whole purpose of fasting in the first place.


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8 Responses to Ramadan: Switching Days & Nights

  1. great blog 🙂 i’ve been reading post after post 🙂 Ty for sharing all this useful info.

  2. Dina says:

    Yes, I see, you have a point.
    To refrain from anger too? This is new to me.
    Thanks for another lesson.

  3. Geogypsy says:

    Actually it seems the logical way to live in such a hot climate. But I don’t see how this gains the described appreciation.

    BTW, I like your new masthead and look.

  4. Hilda says:

    I normally like working at night better because it’s quiet and cool, but even I would have a hard time with this crazy schedule. It’s fascinating.

  5. Jerry M says:

    After reading self serving articles about Ramadan in the Muslim press, it is nice to get some honesty. Yes, the answer to outdated rules is to evade them.

  6. Christina says:

    Seemes they found a way to get around Ramadan, just switch day to night and everything is as usual….

  7. Jacob says:

    That’s absolutely wild! No wonder, though, they don’t “feel” anger if they sleep through the heat of the day!


  8. Seems like Saudi Arabia is upside down during the Ramadan time! But, to beat the heat, maybe it makes more sense? Interesting photo and info!

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