Ramadan TV: Tash ma Tash

DSCF7570 1“Tash ma Tash” (meaning “No Big Deal”) is the name of a very popular TV comedy show which runs exclusively during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. It is shown right after Iftar, the meal at sundown when the fast is broken. It has been on the air since 1993. The show has historically poked fun at Saudi society and culture and has tackled some controversial subject matter, and it has not gone without its critics. Sometimes the show will really hit sensitive nerves and cause an uproar, yet the show continues to gain in popularity and ratings. Even though I don’t understand Arabic and there are no English subtitles, I can often figure out what’s going on just by watching.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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16 Responses to Ramadan TV: Tash ma Tash

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  3. Mansoor Balooshi says:

    hi dear sausi arab ho are
    iam Mansoor from dubai- u-a-e

  4. Sarah says:

    and there are a bunch of saudi women on t.v if know where to look.

  5. Sarah says:

    excuse me ,
    but hejab or covering up for women is not a cultural thing it’s religious.
    so if you’re a muslim or if you read about islam you’ll understand.

  6. عربي says:

    نحن كرجال سعوديون نرى المرأة كالجوهرة ولا نريد ان يمسها أحد بسوء ولذلك فهي مكرمة عندنا ولا نسمح لأحد بالتعرض لها بسوء .
    (Women in Saudi Arabia like a jewels ).

    • straycat says:

      Please, speak for yourself!
      Women are not items… They are human beings, just like you…
      Or are you just repeating what you’ve learnt, just like a parrot?

  7. Ilse says:

    I watched some of this on YouTube. I noticed a woman serving men tea in a private home. She did not have a veil. I realize that in a private home a woman may be unveiled. But this is T.V. So the men in T.V. Land are allowed to see an unveiled woman? Anyhow looked like a situation comedy. Neat.

    • Saudi women are now prohibited from appearing on TV, so the actresses playing the women’s roles are not Saudi. Many other Muslim countries allow women to show their hair and dress modestly without the black abaya – it’s the women’s choice, as it should be. In our home, when a man comes (brother-in-law, nephew, repairman, etc), I must run for cover lest they see my hair or skin. If my husband didn’t insist on this, I would not do it. It’s a cultural thing here. Most women on TV here have their hair showing, and many even show cleavage. I’m sure that Saudi men here seeing things like this simply cannot control themselves! Watch out!

  8. fishing guy says:

    Susie: I often wondered if you spoke Arabic, that has to be hard to watch TV without hearing what is said.

    • I speak and understand a little Arabic, but I just pick up on words here and there. Sometimes I can figure out what the conversation is about and others I cannot. I’m too old to try to learn a new language!!!

  9. Geogypsy says:

    How strange, a special TV show for Ramadan.

  10. Chiara says:

    Youtube and Google video have a nice collection of Tash ma Tash episodes for the curious.

  11. It good to be able to laugh at oneself and not take things too seriously! Nice TV snap!

  12. Jacob says:

    It is nice to see that some leeway is granted to a show like this. All despots need to be criticized at regular intervals!

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