Pretty Mall

DSCF8360 1
Saudi Arabia has more fancy ultra-modern malls than you could ever imagine. Perhaps the reason for this is because there is not much else for families to do together than go shopping. Consequently the malls are abundant and magnificent. This is the Mall of Arabia, and the lighting all over the mall changes from blue to purple to red to green to yellow. The enormous underground parking garage is also color coded with various entrances drenched in bright colored lighting, from green to blue to yellow and so on. The architectural structure of this mall is amazing and the theme seems to be that of a cruise ship. Many malls have an in-house amusement park where children can ride rides, play games, win prizes, and have lots of fun. Most malls also have food courts and designated separate prayer areas for men and women. All businesses/shops are required to close during the five daily prayer times, so many mall businesses are closed all afternoon instead of closing and opening back up several times.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Pretty Mall

  1. g says:

    hi Ms. Susi,

    I wonder if you have some more pictures of Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. I used to work for the company who constructed that Mall. We ordered all architectural finishes from imported decorative tiles, loose furniture to LED lights which lights up the whole place. I can even tell you every detail of that Mall from layouts to every brand of material used 😉 It is just sad that the company is going through some restructuring and have greatly decreased its manpower lately. I wanted to visit the website to see how the materials & furniture looked like in actual when everything is put together especially the “Moroso” furniture & Serralunga pots in the hallways and common areas but MOA website has some technical problems right now. Please post some more photos if you have or if you can provide a link to another website ( is blocked here in UAE).

  2. Puça says:

    Nice design, like it!

  3. Erin says:

    do the malls ever have huge crowds like here in the u.s. during the holiday season? just curious.

  4. yogi says:

    So ironic. Malls don’t seem to be doing well here booming in Saudi Arabia. Maybe if we had malls like you have things would be different.

    • alyaba says:

      when you only have 2 or 3 malls it gets pretty boring. jeddah alone has something like 60 i heard so even the old ones feel fresh. last time i visited i went to an older one that was populer back in the day and even though it wasn’t like it once was it was still very busy.

  5. Bill B says:

    Looks very quiet. Not very many people at all.

  6. Mel says:

    Wow, that’s really pretty, Susie! I wish the malls here looked like that…we have North America’s largest mall, and sadly it looks like it is stuck in the 1980s in many areas of the mall. Perhaps they should talk to the architect of the Mall of Arabia!

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