Woman Walking

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This sight is all too common here in Jeddah. Many religious pilgrims come to Saudi Arabia from very poor countries to visit the holy cities of Islam and never return to their homelands. They are actually in the country of Saudi Arabia illegally since they have overstayed their visas. It’s hard to believe that a humble existence of walking through the streets in search of food or anything discarded that is usable or saleable might be better than the life they left behind in their own destitute countries. Many women like this one come from poor African countries and walk the streets daily, filling up their baby strollers with items they can use themselves or might be able to sell. At least men in her same position are able to find work as hard laborers. Some women sell goods on the sidewalks outside popular shops, while others simply end up begging for money. I don’t know what type of facilities these people live in and I doubt that there is an accurate count of how many of them might be in the country, but from what I see, there are many.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Woman Walking

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  2. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: That is such a shame.

  3. Bill B says:

    Conditions must be terrible where they came from.

  4. Dimple says:

    This can be seen in the US, also, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries have similar sights. The poor are always with us, but many of us have learned not to see them. Or maybe we see them but expect that someone else, or “the government,” will do something. However, if I see a need, and I can help in some way, and I don’t, then I have done wrong. Thank you for reminding me.

  5. Dina says:

    Do you have special immigration police? Do they sometimes arrest and deport these illegals?
    Either way, it’s a hard life.

    • Beetle B. says:

      They’re actually quite aggressive in Jeddah in hunting down overstayers (aka illegals). Since lots of foreigners (over a million) come annually for religious reasons, many choose to stay hoping for a better life.

      In Saudi Arabia, if you’re a foreigner, you’re given an ID (Iqamah), and are required to have it on you at all times. If the cops question you and you don’t have it on you, you’re likely to be deported. They often won’t even allow you to go home and show it to them. They also often set up random checkpoints on streets to check for ID’s.

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