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Honey is a very popular product here in Saudi Arabia. Honey is frequently used in tea, which most Saudis drink every day, or as an ingredient in many desserts. At the supermarket or smaller groceries stores, honey is available in this form – the actual honeycomb. In general , groceries are considerably cheaper here in Saudi Arabia than in the states. To get an idea of how much cheaper food products are, check out a post I did on my other blog, Susie’s Big Adventure, featuring many grocery prices from Saudi Arabia.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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7 Responses to HoneyComb

  1. Muhammad Imran says:

    From where in jeddah to buy a honeycomb. kindly can you refer a store.

  2. Faye Anne says:

    Interesting pic. I share a different opinion about the price of groceries. Actually, I find the prices to be very much the same as in States, and sometimes even higher. The only thing one might call cheap over here is produce, mainly veggies. Fruit is very expensive, so is fresh meat. Although frozen meates from Australia, Brazil, etc are resonably priced. The nagain , once can find these same packages in US in Sams club or Costco, etc.

    I am also an American and came to Jeddah one year ago. This is an exciting place, though pricey, if you wanna get all the Us branded items.

    Best Wishes for Susie and her wonderful articles.

    Please keep up the great work.

  3. Yoli says:

    As a lover of honey I would be in heaven.

  4. very interesting post. it would be great to be able to buy honeycomb.

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