The Wall

DSCF4182 2 copy
This relic of a wall is located in Taif. There is no other structure in sight, so I’m guessing that this wall was built as a property line of some sort, but I don’t know for sure. When I uploaded the photo, I was pleased to see that I had captured a bird in flight in the very center of the picture – a happy accident!

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to The Wall

  1. Judy says:

    Interesting wall. Isn’t it fun when you upload a picture and find something that you didn’t know was there?

  2. NidalM says:

    There are several hill forts located around Ta’if since many trade routes used to converge there.

    This one looks a bit too modern to be that, so i guess it is most likely a property line.

    The trash ruining pictures all over Saudi brings me down 😦

  3. Dimple says:

    Impressive! Too bad you don’t know anything more about it.

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