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Blue Neon Entry

This is another shot of the blue neon building I featured several days ago. This is the entryway into the building. I just love everything about it – the blue neon outlines and blue neon Arabic writing above the entrance … Continue reading

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I remember as a kid hearing in church about the Three Wise Men who came to Bethlehem bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for Baby Jesus – but I really had no idea what frankincense and myrrh were, other … Continue reading

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Lifting the Skirt

When out in public, proper Saudi men and women dress modestly, wearing loose floor length clothing that doesn’t reveal their legs or body forms. But when it rains and there are big puddles, what to do? As this man demonstrates, … Continue reading

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Saudi See Food

We drive by many businesses here in Jeddah and I was always attracted by the blue color of this sign and the blue and white checkerboard pattern of the building, It took me several drive-bys to even read what the … Continue reading

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When It Rains, It Pours

Rain is a rarity here in Jeddah, so yesterday when it came down in buckets, areas of the city were immersed in rain water. I would estimate that in some places, the water had to be close to three feet … Continue reading

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Every year Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of religious pilgrims from all over the world. Muslims are required to travel to Makkah for Hajj at least once in their lifetime, if they are able to physically and financially. The official Hajj … Continue reading

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My World: Fair Warning

When one travels to another country, it’s advisable to be aware of that country’s laws, culture, and customs. Before the plane lands in Saudi Arabia, flight attendants distribute a Landing/Entry Card for visitors to fill out and present to immigration … Continue reading

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