A Step Forward: Modern Bronze Sculpture

100_2522 1
This abstract sculpture looks like it could be an Arabic or oriental alphabet letter, but I’m not sure. Called “A Step Forward,” it is made of bronze and it is the design of a French artist by the name of Jean Arp. Since Arp died in 1966, I am guessing that this piece may have been one of the first ones commissioned by the City of Jeddah, or it was simply purchased after his death. At any rate, it is interesting looking – especially how it seems to balance at an off-kilter angle, reminding me of an acrobatic act.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to A Step Forward: Modern Bronze Sculpture

  1. Hey there, cool post. I just like the art things. Thanks for sharing & providing an inspiration.

  2. Noordin says:

    Aptly called “Step Forward”.

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  4. I wish “your people” would talk to “my people” about how to get a bunch of cool sculptures in town!

  5. Geogypsy says:

    It could also be a person or a face. Yet I guess they don’t do people art.

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