Wheelchair Accessible

DSCF0664 9
Legislation in the USA has made huge differences in the lives of persons with disabilities in America, and many other countries have passed legislation as well. Saudi Arabia has actually spent quite a bit of money on improving the plight of the disabled within the country. I don’t believe, however, that businesses or buildings are legally required to accommodate wheelchair bound persons. Accommodations for wheelchairs definitely seem like an afterthought in many places. This ramp in the front of a small supermarket actually seems like it was added more for the shopping carts, if anything. Navigating that curve on the way down with no safety railing at all would be quite dangerous, in my opinion. I’ve seen the carry-out guys having lots of fun riding on the shopping carts down this ramp, but I shudder every time they make that curve.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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One Response to Wheelchair Accessible

  1. Leif hagen says:

    Or what about adults who ride on the back of the shopping cart?! (I’ve never done that….)

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