Colorful Clean Up Guy

Many of the foreign workers in Jeddah hold menial labor jobs, such as cleaning up the streets of the city. The workers are dressed in colored uniforms which match the color of the large wheeled trash cans they escort along the streets. One of the pitfalls with having all these foreign workers doing work such as this is that the local residents seem to be more careless about being messy because they know that someone else will be cleaning up after them.


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5 Responses to Colorful Clean Up Guy

  1. jewaira says:

    If the situation is anything like it is in Kuwait, street cleaners can be quite resourceful. Simply standing at a traffic stoplight, and sweeping, one can make many dinars through alms givers and those people in cars who give money to the less fortunate.

    It is so normal that sometimes a simple Asalaam Alaikom greeting from a laborer in passing entitles him to some gratuity

    I agree. We should not have workers like this who make people dependent on someone else to clean up after them.

  2. alyaba says:

    they are also careless because there are no littering fines. A big shame

  3. Not a glamourous job but I guess immigrants in most places have to start out doing any job!

  4. Geogypsy says:

    How dispicable that anybody should leave a mess just because there’s somebody else, presumably under them, to pick it up. Trash collectors should be highly respected and probably paid more.

  5. Dimple says:

    For some reason this bothers me; it seems that the people might be regarded with the same amount of respect as the cans they push.

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