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Spices and Herbs

This Yemenese shopkeeper set up a special temporary booth in a large popular mall recently for the Eid celebration marking the Hajj, the religious pilgrimage that millions of Muslims make every to Makkah. This area of the mall was filled … Continue reading

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Builder’s Plumbline Sculpture

Mustafa Senbel is the Egyptian artist credited with creating this graceful sculpture called “Builder’s Plumbline” for the city of Jeddah. In fact he is one of the more prolific artists chosen by the city to create amazing public works of … Continue reading

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My World: Pink Mop Demo

In one of the local malls recently during the celebration at the end of the Hajj, a huge normally empty common area was filled with a variety of booths selling a multitude of products such as clothing and shoes, foods, … Continue reading

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Stalks of Wheat Sculpture

Composed of steel and bronze, the Stalks of Wheat Sculpture was designed by Egyptian artist Salah Abdulkarim (1928-1989). When he was commissioned by the City of Jeddah to create works of art to grace the city’s landscape, Abdulkarim was already … Continue reading

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Roadside Stand

There are roadside fruit and vegetable stands everywhere in Jeddah. You can just pull over and buy fresh tomatoes or cucumbers without having to go into a store or even getting out of the car if you don’t want to. … Continue reading

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Colorful Market Bins

Many markets here offer bulk seeds, nuts, and spices, and the prices are considerably less than what you might pay for the same in the states. I liked the colorful bins filled with the equally colorful products in this photo.

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Holiday Colors

There are not many signs of Christmas at all over here in Saudi Arabia because the only religion allowed is Islam. This is my third Christmas here. It’s a sad time for me being away from my family and friends, … Continue reading

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