Builder’s Plumbline Sculpture

Mustafa Senbel is the Egyptian artist credited with creating this graceful sculpture called “Builder’s Plumbline” for the city of Jeddah. In fact he is one of the more prolific artists chosen by the city to create amazing public works of art and is responsible for more than 25 pieces that adorn the city. This sculpture is made of steel and is part of the group of sculptures with a scientific theme. Senbel created it as a tribute “to the achievements of the master builders of the ancient world.” It is located along the Corniche which runs along the Red Sea in Jeddah.

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4 Responses to Builder’s Plumbline Sculpture

  1. Jerry M says:

    Love the sculpture. Do the plumbobs sway in the wind?

    • Jerry – I can’t really say whether they sway in the wind or not. I’ve never noticed. Most of the sculptures here are quite substantial and sturdy, built to be resistant to the extreme heat and other weather factors. So I would think not, but if I ever see them swaying, I’ll let you know!!!

  2. Dina says:

    Wonderful idea for a sculpture!
    It really is amazing how builders since antiquity have used this simple tool to make things come out level.
    My daughter had to make a plumb bob in engineering school. It came out beautiful and I treasure it to today.

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