Arab Knight Sculpture

This beautiful white sculpture is called Arab Knight. It is made of local stone and was the creation of Rabi Al-Akhras. I don’t have any additional information about this artwork. From this angle, you cannot see the face of the Arab knight, which is on the other side of the sculpture. I guess I was just so struck with the beauty of the Al-Anani Mosque in the background from this angle that I didn’t realize what was on the other side!

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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9 Responses to Arab Knight Sculpture

  1. Lugene says:

    You should check facebook for sites from Americans, like me, who spent part of our childhood in Jeddah, and other cities in Arabia. We loved it! Lots of us try to stay in touch.

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  3. leif hagen says:

    Another wonderful outdoor sculpture! I like how you captured the minarets in the background!

  4. Glennis says:

    It is a powerful sculpture, but it would be nicer to see the face in the front, but the mosque does look great, plus the guys lounging on the wall.

  5. Julie says:

    I like the contemplative feel to the entire image, Susie. Especially with the young men sitting waiting in the foreground. Nice shot.

  6. Geogypsy says:

    Interesting sculpture, and mosque. This is getting a bit close to the human face.

  7. Dimple says:

    The mosque is beautiful. It’s too bad you can’t get more information about the sculptures you show. I would be interested in what the artist was thinking as he designed and built these, when they were installed, what they are intended to portray or symbolize, all sorts of things! And I am very curious about this knight’s face!

    • Next time I’m down there, I will try to get a shot of this sculpture from the other side, so I get the knight’s face. I have seen a photo of it in my book and it looks totally different from that perspective – it’s really quite beautiful.
      I too wish there was more information available about these sculptures!

  8. Chiara says:

    Love the mosque! the sculpture not so much. I like the idea of the Arab Knight–maybe the face is more “my type” LOL 🙂

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