Science Innovation Club at Night

This building is the Jeddah Science Innovation Club. The architectural design of the building itself is unusual, but what makes it stand out even more is the monstrous sculpture of a globe that sits atop the structure. Officially innaugurated in June 2006 in the presence of royalty, Ministry of Education officials, the press, and a slew of businessmen and women, the Jeddah Science Innovation Club has set and achieved a variety of goals in many fields of science, including biology, computers, astronomy and math. Student members have particpated in regional competitions and fared very well. Much emphasis is placed on creativity using scientific programs, and recognition of achievements in science is recognized and rewarded.
In a previous post, I featured this same building during the daytime.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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One Response to Science Innovation Club at Night

  1. Yogi says:

    Spectacular building and great purpose. I read once, I don’t know if its true so forgive me if its not, that Islam is a lot more accepting of Science than some segments of the Christian faith.

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