Fratelli Lounge

Architectural style in Jeddah runs the gamut from sleek and modern to highly stylized and garish. Many buildings are a vision of architectural marvel and some are just wierd and wild. This building, with its unusual design, is an internet cafe


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Fratelli Lounge

  1. yara says:

    its an awesome place , i love it the mo3asil they have its awesome …
    i really luv this place

  2. Arch says:

    we design and construct fratelli thanks!

  3. gherome says:

    hi,, i am one of the staff of fratelli lounge,, its a very nice place to celebrate all the party you want it,specially birthday party,, looking good outside and you were amaze when you come inside,,really!! i hope you visit our restaurant,, see you there!

  4. Alfadi says:


    I am thinking to make a birthday party for my wife, I’ve never gone to Fratelli, is it an adbice? Or do you recommend another place? Please tell me soon it is in 2 days. Thanks 🙂


    • Sorry, I’ve never been inside, but it looks like a really cool place from the outside. Right around the corner is Ruby Tuesdays which is nice. Another place I like is down the street on Sultan called Jeddah Jeddah, almost to Heraa. And the other direction on Sultan is this really wonderful place called Alhambra – wonderful ambiance, very comfortable place.

  5. Dina says:

    After a too busy week I am catching up on your posts, Susie. Seeing them one after another I realize again how great you are at finding and showing the interesting things, each so different from the other. Looks like you will never run out of fascinating subjects.

  6. Grami says:

    It must be very expensive building such a thing. Let’s hope the investors get their money back eventually

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