MyWorld: Attention Grabber

I’m guessing this is a come on for a family type restaurant with an amusement area for kids – along the lines of Chuck E Cheese or something similar. I haven’t been inside yet… but I thought it was an interesting way to attract customers.
Well, That’s My World for this week! That’s My World! offers a unique glimpse at life all over our planet. Take a peek at other people’s lives from all over the world by visiting That’s My World!


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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13 Responses to MyWorld: Attention Grabber

  1. that is for sure an eye-catcher! if you see it, you need to go and see it closer :)!

  2. rantingcynic says:

    The squat version! Awsome!

  3. Very futuristic looking. It looks like it could be in a cartoon for kids, so it’s a good ad for a Chuck E Cheese type of place.

  4. B Squared says:

    Very strange, indeed.

  5. ladyfi says:

    A colourful version of the Eiffel Tower! Bet that is a child magnet!

  6. Hilda says:

    Attention-grabber is the correct term for it! Fun though.

  7. ewok1993 says:

    eye catching structure. i wonder if they serve pizza. enjoy your week.

  8. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: So neat, a baby Eiffel Tower to attract customers.

  9. Japa says:

    Very attractive structure. Colorful and neat shot.

  10. Carver says:

    That’s definitely a way to attract attention. Fun shot from your world!

  11. Your right it’s very eye-catching and I suspect a kid magnet!

  12. How colorful! I would think that would definitely attract customers! Fun! Great shot and interesting post as always, Susie! Hope you have a great week!


  13. J Bar says:

    It grabbed my attention.

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