Al-Sholla Sculpture (The Flame)

This Jeddah sculpture is called Al-Sholla, which is Arabic for The Flame. It is located on a traffic island in the center of Jeddah. Unfortunately I do not have any further information about this sculpture, but it seems to be made of bronze. I think it is very graceful looking. To see more of the amazing sculptures of Jeddah that I have posted on this blog, just click above on “Sculptures of Jeddah,” right below the header.
UPDATE: I have been informed that this piece of art is the creation of Finnish sculptress, Laila Pullinen (1933-). She has worked in many mediums and one of her graceful bronze sculptures was even honored on a Finnish postage stamp in 2010.


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6 Responses to Al-Sholla Sculpture (The Flame)

  1. Markku Pietinen says:


    I greatly appreciate your posting quality photos of public sculpture in Jeddah. My late mother, Eila Hiltunen (1922-2003), created the Sunflower Field and the Flame of Life. Another Finnish sculptress, Laila Pullinen (1933-) is behind the the Half Moom and the Flame also shown on your website. Hence, two Finnish ladies (and fierce rivals) participated in the beautification of Jeddah during years when they could not even sit inside a car driven by a man. In fact, my mother remained arrested for several hours at the airport due to some visa confusion, until rescued by the Finnish embassy.

    It took a lot of spirit of these women to drive their projects through. Unfortunately, the entire Mideast market soon died out,as military spending augmented and Western art was once again shunned by the increasingly Fundamentalist sentiment.


    Markku Pietinen

    • Hi Marku – Thank you so much for writing to me about your mother. I really enjoy learning as much as I can about the amazing sculptures here in Jeddah, but unfortunately it is not that easy to find information. I have also heard from a few other people who have been personally connected with some of the sculptures and it is always a big thrill for me. Your mother’s Sunflower Field is definitely among my favorites – it is stunning. And I had no idea that your mother also created The Flame. Thank you so much for the information!

  2. Chiara says:

    I love this one, it has such movement, and élan.

  3. This one is lovely. Very graceful.

  4. ewok1993 says:

    When Saudi hosts the Olympics, it’s ready for the flame.

  5. Dina says:

    Nice big flame. And I even see some sweet little flowers.

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