Red Sea Graffiti

With the brilliant turquoise of the Red Sea in the background, this low wall sports a variety of graffiti – which I think detracts from the natural beauty of this location along the Corniche in Jeddah. There is graffiti everywhere in this city, on buildings, walls, and signs. Due to a lack of wholesome activities for youth in this country, many resort to spraypainting the city with graffiti. More than half of Saudi Arabia’s 22 million citizens are under 21. I read this really interesting article about graffiti artists in this country that defends the right of the young artists to do their thing since there are no other suitable outlets for the youth in this country.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Red Sea Graffiti

  1. I also join in this topic, and there were events for this subject, and there is graffiti art contest in next spring 7/2/2011

  2. Hamdah says:

    I agree that lack of activities for youth is a major reason for spray painting around the city 🙂

  3. Dina says:

    Half of the population is that young, wow!

  4. Grami says:

    That’s not an excuse to damage property and ruin the look of the city. Children could have got themselves playstations and stayed home.

  5. Jerry M says:

    I understand the frustration of youth, but graffiti is still a destructive ‘artform’. I was going to college in NYC at the beginning of the 1970’s when graffiti in subway stations on subway cars became rampant. However creative, it is very destructive of the quality of life, particulary in poorer areas.

  6. Chiara says:

    Such a beautiful photo if the graffiti weren’t there! 😦

  7. Bill says:

    Your city is not the only one with graffiti. Unfortunately the youth of today have no respecy for other people’s property anymore.

  8. B Squared says:

    What is it about graffiti that attracts the youth?

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