Hookah Pipe Bases

“Hubbly Bubbly” or “sheesha” are two other terms used for smoking the popular hookah pipes in Saudi Arabia. Some of the hookah bases in this photo have multiple bowls where different flavors of tobacco can go. Some pipes come with multiple stems which allow more than one person to smoke at the same time. Water is placed in the base of the unit. The water cools and filters the smoke from the burning tobacco. These water pipes actually originated in India but have grown increasingly popular in most Middle Eastern countries over the years. Very moist and sometimes flavored tobaccos are used when smoking the hookah. In Saudi Arabia, it has become a very social and cultural tradition among men. I have been to several parties and restaurants here where women have engaged in smoking hookahs as well. There are many cafes here in Saudi Arabia that offer sheesha on their menus. Smoking a hookah lasts much longer than smoking a cigarette and recent studies have proven that hookah smoking is just as harmful to one’s body as cigarettes. Health warnings do not have much effect on the popularity of either smoking hookahs or smoking cigarettes here in the Middle East.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to Hookah Pipe Bases

  1. mehar says:

    susie can you guide me about where to buy one in jeddah? searched malls but was unable to find one

  2. Hookah Pipes says:

    Nice images, Hookah pipes today come in many styles, from Egyptian to Syrian, traveling, mini and mod models to specialty and custom designs. There is a world of history in the craftsmanship of hookah pipes. Traditional materials used in making hookahs were blown glass, often highly decorated in gold or enamel painting, brass, aluminum, silver, porcelain, clay, carved stone and wood, and leather.

  3. Chiara says:

    Beautiful, if deadly.

  4. Geogypsy says:

    They are almost like a piece of art. Yet I don’t remember smoking tabbaco in them.

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