MyWorld: The Butcher

There are many little fresh meat markets all over Jeddah. They usually have camel, goat, lamb, and maybe beef and chicken too. But you’ll never find any pork here – it is strictly prohibited by Islamic law. This is a very typical looking small meat market, with the animal carcasses hanging in the shop windows.
You might be interest in reading another post I did a while back on my other blog, Susie’s Big Adventure, about halal meat (requirements for how an animal is killed for eating).
Well, That’s My World for this week! That’s My World! offers a unique glimpse at life all over our planet. Take a peek at other people’s lives from all over the world by visiting That’s My World!

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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14 Responses to MyWorld: The Butcher

  1. Chiara says:

    I was most surprised by the coverings on these animals. I’ve never seen that before. Any idea why?

  2. Dina says:

    This photo is SO unusual. The man, the glass, the different heads and wrapped as if in shrouds carcasses. Wow.

  3. JennJilks says:

    Fascinating life you lead. Thanks for sharing it. I didn’t manage a MWT post this month but visit me here !

  4. ewok1993 says:

    I don’t recognize those heads. I like going to fresh meat markets like this one.

  5. VioletSky says:

    Having bought not-so-fresh meat in styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic, this looks a much better option. One step closer to connecting with the food you eat.

  6. leif hagen says:

    Their “fresh” presentation kinda freaks me out! I think I’ll have a big salad for lunch tomorrow!

  7. luna miranda says:

    fresh meat in our markets here are also displayed this way. it’s a bit gruesome but people feel reassured on the freshness of the meat.

  8. inal says:

    Glass doors; have to say first time I have seen this type of butcher shop- looks very fresh and clean- definitely and invitation to come back to the shop.

    Thanks Susie, learned something new today.

  9. Ah, the differences in our worlds!! I never thought about eating camel! And I’d probably have trouble too buying meat with the head still on! You show us so many marvelous and fascinating things about your world, Susie! Thank you! Hope you have a great week!


  10. J Bar says:

    That is interesting.

  11. geogypsy says:

    Well it does look fresh. Yet I have to say I don’t like to buy my meat with the head still on.

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