Family Sculpture

I’m not really sure about this sculpture, but it is similar to another one I found which is called “Family.” A series of white marble sculptures were completed for the city of Jeddah by a group of Belgian artists, and I believe this is one of those sculptures. Unfortunately specific information is not available about this series of sculptures.
UPDATE: The origins of this sculpture have been solved with the help of my blog! I was contacted by a relative of the artist who created this sculpture, and credit is now being attributed to physician and artist Francois Kovacs. To read more about this turn of events, click here.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Family Sculpture

  1. TonyC says:

    Great shot – love the detail in the arches.

  2. noel says:


    and happy earth day, i love this view, i think visiting jeddah is really unusual

    would you care to join me on a new challenge i have posted on my site

    come and join us.

  3. leif hagen says:

    What?! You just never run out of funky, cool sculpture to show us in Jeddah! U R lucky! Don’t forget May 1 is “statues” theme day!
    Leif of Dakota County aka Leif of Eagan

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