Skywatch: Tiled Arches and Moon

One late afternoon recently, my son and I were enjoying the outdoors in a lovely park adjacent to the hospital where my husband recently underwent open heart surgery (he’s doing well). The park is filled with palm trees and seating areas, has a walking track around the perimeter, and an open grassy area. There are also two of these beautifully tiled archways on either side of the park which add interesting architectural detail to the park. We noticed that even though it was still daylight, we could see the moon rising in the sky, and from our vantage point, it made for an interesting composition with the arches. I hope you like it too.
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Skywatch Friday

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Skywatch: Tiled Arches and Moon

  1. Dina says:

    Very beautiful, both the photo and the arches.

  2. Judy says:

    Wow, Susie, this is just gorgeous! The thing I love about photography is that it makes you look at things with an artists eye. That is very evident in this picture.

  3. Kcalpesh says:

    Gorgeous captuer Susie! The moon looks stunning from that view!

  4. I love this photo! Great capture. I’m glad that husband is doing well.

  5. Pat says:

    These are beautiful tiled arches, and I liked the tiny moon visible “inside” one of the arches. Nice capture!

  6. J Bar says:

    Great piece of architecture.

  7. pagan sphinx says:

    I love this. Lots of lovely moon shots tonight on SWF. Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from Massachusetts USA!

  8. ewok1993 says:

    Glad to know that you’re husband is doing well. Hope the recovery progresses quickly.

  9. Susie, I’m so glad your husband is doing well! Hope all continues to go well for all of you! My thoughts are with you!

    Your photo is terrific! I love the composition with the arches and the moon! Wonderful! May you all have a good weekend!


  10. Chiara says:

    That is an interesting juxtaposition. Beautiful tiling, arches, and colour combinations. Thanks!

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