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All 5 Hungry Horses Sculpture

My son named this sculpture of five galloping horses “The Hungry Horses,” because each of them is missing their entire middle section. It’s practically impossible to get a good shot of these horses driving by in a fast moving vehicle. … Continue reading

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Fruity Sign

Many signs here are full of colorful graphics featuring the items sold there or the type of business it is. I would guess the reason for this is because many people living in the country are foreign workers who do … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Outdoors by the Red Sea

A family enjoys an outing on the Red Sea.

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SkyWatch: Smokestacks

These are smokestacks that release waste by-products into the air from the water desalination plants here in Jeddah. They are situated along the Red Sea and process the sea water, ridding it of the salt. There are about 18 desalination … Continue reading

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Twin Building Phenomenom

Many apartment buildings here in Jeddah are constructed in a similar fashion – imagine several really long train cars lined up and more stacked up on top 4 or 5 deep. The differences come in the finishing materials and the … Continue reading

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Sculptures: The Seagull and The Astrolabe

These two sculptures sit in the middle of an enormous roundabout in Jeddah – and this photo does not do justice to the immense size of the white sculpture, which is called The Seagull. Its height is a whopping 55 … Continue reading

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MyWorld: What Is It?

As we were driving by this highly industrialized area of Jeddah, I spied this odd looking open covered area and I wondered what it was. When we got a few more feet, there was an opening where the entrance was … Continue reading

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Relaxing on the Corner

This scene is taking place on the sidewalk corner in a busy industrial area of Jeddah. Apparently this is a meeting place for businessmen to relax on their breaks and share a chat and a cup of tea. There is … Continue reading

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KAUST Modern Library Seating

This is an ultra-cool, ultra-modern seating area at the library at KAUST – King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. KAUST just opened this past year and is devoted to becoming the leading institution for advanced studies and research in … Continue reading

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Snorkeling in the Red Sea … not!

The Red Sea is well known as a great place for spectacular snorkeling. There are many varieties of sealife, some of which are exclusive only to the Red Sea. Commercial fishing is a huge business here, and so are fisheries … Continue reading

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