Sculptures: The Seagull and The Astrolabe

These two sculptures sit in the middle of an enormous roundabout in Jeddah – and this photo does not do justice to the immense size of the white sculpture, which is called The Seagull. Its height is a whopping 55 meters (over 180 feet tall). I ran a previous post about The Seagull with a more closeup photo of the detail of this sculpture and more information about it. The other sculpture in this photo is made of bronze and is called The Astrolabe, an important instrument which was further developed by Islamic scientists and used to determine exact prayer times as well as pointing the direction to Makkah, where Muslims face when praying. These two sculptures are actually far apart, although from this angle they appear to be closer to each other than they really are.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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1 Response to Sculptures: The Seagull and The Astrolabe

  1. Dimple says:

    Too bad you didn’t drive by when there was a person near that statue! I think the two resemble each other in shape, with the taller upright parts and the curves in similar relationships to the uprights. Interesting!

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