SkyWatch: Smokestacks

These are smokestacks that release waste by-products into the air from the water desalination plants here in Jeddah. They are situated along the Red Sea and process the sea water, ridding it of the salt. There are about 18 desalination plants located on the Red Sea, which is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. There are several reasons for this. Evaporation occurs at a very high rate and there is not much in the way of rainfall to replenish the evaporated water. Another cause is that there are not many flowing bodies of water that empty into the Red Sea. Water is a very precious commodity in the area, not only for the inhabitants of the region but for industry as well. The oil industry uses large amounts of water during its processes for cooling. The Red Sea is in danger of losing much of its natural marine life and habitat from pollutants introduced back into the water once industry is finished with it.
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13 Responses to SkyWatch: Smokestacks

  1. Irina says:

    Great photo and great story behind it. Looks like we are all very slowly dying – in Russia too, and this wheel can not be stopped. I am not depressing, unfortunately it is reality.

  2. trae says:

    great post susie over the years we always debated what the stacks were a water plant or cement factory, some how thinkin water plant we thought it was harmless im horrified to find its emitted waste products, as im one of those that live in the affluent areas near there x Trae

  3. Great post as always, Susie! How sad it is every day to see/hear more about the horrific things that we humans are doing to our world. And yet most people just seem to shrug it off. Great shot and post as always! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Dina says:

    Another reason to worry. sigh …

    From time to time there is talk of digging canals between the seas to “help” them, Med-Dead, or Dead-Red, but it could also really mess up nature, don’t you think?

  5. I guess I didn’t realize that the red sea was saltier than other bodies of water. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I loved the photos of the apartment buildings in yesterday’s post. That is quite an assortment of twin buildings.

  6. Grace OLsson says:

    Excellent informations…I think so taht u have taken the shot in moviment, yes?
    very nice shot…
    I visited the Red Sea in Egypt and do not know nothing about Arabia..But I feel taht when I will go back again to Africa, I will do by Qatar…only cause I want to know more about Arabia…
    nice weekend, dear

  7. Carver says:

    What a beautiful shot. there is something so appealing about the smoke stacks against the blue sky. Almost like the smoke is a trail of clouds. Hopefully it’s clean smoke. I often think about that when I’m on the highway and see a factory plant near where I live and it’s beautiful watching the smoke coming out and I think about what the air quality index will be. Maybe I shouldn’t think about that, ha.

    • While we live pretty far away from the closest desalination plant, some folks (in nice affluent areas) live very close and I often wonder about the air quality myself. I grew up in a copper smelting town and some days the smoke was so bad you could taste sulphur in the air – and it was horrible.

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