No Black Abaya

Most Saudi women wear a black cloak called abaya when they are out in public, but African women who live here wear their own native dress. This woman looks like she has one long piece of brightly colored cloth wrapped around her. The religious police here might think that she has too much ankle showing.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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9 Responses to No Black Abaya

  1. nelson says:

    i am not against ladies wearing abaya, i guess no one, but for e optional must be, i am sure many voters go for this, since i found that jeddah looks like open city, hope it will change, and one morething. rabigh city will open soon, is it open city that abayas optional. thanks

  2. nelson says:

    i guess some of saudis nationality are very uneasy for wearing abaya, better vote

  3. nelson says:

    is there any chace that abaya is an optional dress, like in other GCC

  4. SAMAIRA says:

    If you people are bored of black abayas ….you can find a colorfull range of muslim clothing at

    they have a amazing range of kaftans for muslim

    all of themare in such beautiful colors……as well as their prices are affordable

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  5. leif hagen says:

    An interesting photo of that African woman, I guess. Brings to mind lots of questions!

  6. Shema says:

    Hello Susie, I was told that in KSA we can be caught if we enter a mall not wearing abaya? What i’ve seen recently (end of May) especially around Ballad shopping area, some of the women wearing abaya but not the head scarf.. weird..

    • As a woman here, I wouldn’t chance going anywhere without an abaya, but I do see many women – most likely Western women – who do not wear head scarves out in public. It would be a good idea to have one available just in case though.

  7. ewok1993 says:

    that fabric is so pretty.

    so abayas only come in black?

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