Perspective: Sculpture Size

I’ve shown you many photos of the wonderful public art here in Jeddah, but sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how large much of the art really is when there is nothing else to compare it to in the photo. I thought I would show you a few sculptures in this post so you can get a better idea of the sheer size of some sculptures. The photo above shows The Illuminated Globe, which is located in the middle of one of the city’s largest roundabouts. At night the globe lights up from the inside and glows – it is magnificent. This photo was taken from a road approaching the roundabout, so you can get an idea of the size of the roundabout itself – I can’t even fit the roundabout in its entirety into the frame of the shot. The car on the right is also approaching the roundabout, but the car on the left that is partially hidden by a light pole is actually on the roundabout road. This should give you a better perspective about the sheer size of the roundabout and the sculpture. One of these days, I’d like to show a photo of this sculpture with a person standing under it.

This photo clearly illustrates the size and magnitude of this sculpture called Sails. Compare the lengths of the cars to the length of the boat. And keep in mind that the cars are in the foreground and the sculpture sits back on the roundabout a ways too. This sculpture is huge!

This is the smallest sculpture in this post and it is also on the smallest roundabout of the three as well. But even at that, you can get an idea of its size from the van pictured on the left. This sculpture is a very commonly seen design of a huge incense burner.

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  1. t. becque says:

    Wow, those are big!

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