Hospital Visiting Hours

There are many factors in Saudi Arabia that contribute to unusual business hours. Severe heat discourages many businesses from opening during the day, so instead they prefer to be open at night when it’s not quite so hot. Ramadan – the month during the year when all Muslims fast during the daylight hours – is also another factor that comes into play. During Ramadan many Saudis reverse their days and nights, so they are asleep during the day when they are fasting and consequently must conduct their business (and eat) at night. Prayer times also affect business hours since virtually all businesses must shut down for the five daily prayer times, making for a schedule of erratic business hours. This posting in a hospital room of the hospital visiting hours surprised me. The regular visiting hours are daily from 10am until 11pm, however during Ramadan, the visiting hours change to 2pm to 3am. Sick people are not required to fast during Ramadan, but Islam requires others to visit sick people when they are in the hospital.


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4 Responses to Hospital Visiting Hours

  1. Dina says:

    Wow, I’d have a hard time reversing night and day.

    Nice that a companion can stay overnight.

  2. Chiara says:

    Hmmmm. These hours look normal to me for the culture and religion of Saudi. The advice to the visitors, companion, and patient is very appropriate. Visiting the sick is important for both patient and those who wish to visit (although visits must not fatigue the patient, or plague the hospital staff), so these hours seem generous and appropriate to who will be awake when. Though Islam does not require that the ill fast, many who are not too ill (eg healthy systems, in hospital with fracture) do so, or restrict if unable to fast.

    Nice colours in the photo and good topic!

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