Dry Cleaner

This is the first in a series of very typical looking small businesses in Jeddah that I snapped while I was out for a walk one evening. This is a dry cleaning business, where most of the work consists of men’s thobes and bedding.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Dry Cleaner

  1. cire says:

    Theres really no need to get dry clean unless the cloth is not washable with water. thats why liquid solvent(dry clean fluid) for dry cleaning was designed to avoid shrinkage of the cloth.

  2. Jerry M says:

    Any reason why a thobe would need to be drycleaned? Or do they simply launder a thobe and press it?

    • Most thobes are easily washable in the laundry, so it is not necessary to have them dry cleaned. They are not so easy to iron though. More than likely, some people take them to the dry cleaners because the man is single, I’m guessing. Most Saudi families have maids who would do the laundry and ironing.

      • Jerry M says:

        I never paid attention to how difficult it was to iron something like a man’s shirt (and a thobe is like a really long man’s shirt) until I spent 2 years working while on the road living in hotels. So, I can see sending them out for pressing.

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