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Charming Style

Jeddah has many modern space-age looking buildings, but also has some charming European style buildings as well, like this one.

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Modern Bank

This modernistic silver and blue building with rounded corners is a bank building in Jeddah. You can see the drive up ATM in front. The large graphics on the buildings are quite common on businesses and almost always only feature … Continue reading

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Family Picnic

The Red Sea is a very dominant feature of the city of Jeddah. The city is spread out from north to south along the Red Sea coast and is not very wide at all, although there is tremendous growth and … Continue reading

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Half Moon Sculpture

I posted a photo of this sculpture before, taken from the opposite side. This work of art sits along the Corniche of Jeddah which runs along the coast of the Red Sea. I think it’s an interesting modern piece. According … Continue reading

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Bronze Modern Art

Jeddah is home to hundreds of pieces of publicly displayed art. This one is a modern bronze sculpture. I just realized that I have previously published this same photo in 2009. Here’s what I wrote about this sculpture: Called “Early … Continue reading

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La Coste in Arabic

All the top designers and trendy fashions can be found in Saudi Arabia. This LaCoste shop is located in the beautiful Red Sea Mall in Jeddah.

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Fountain in Mall

The Red Sea Mall is one of the beautiful modern shopping malls in Jeddah. This photo was taken at a new wing decorated in a Middle Eastern theme that recently opened.

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Fruit Stand

There are many small fresh produce stands outdoors like this one in Jeddah. It’s a little surprising that in the severe heat, fresh products survive being outdoors. Much of the produce comes from the fertile lands in the region, like … Continue reading

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Wearing Black Around the Track

Many women in Saudi Arabia get absolutely no exercise outside the home. Many homes have a treadmill for women to use, and some are lucky enough to have a private swimming pool, but you will never see women jogging outside … Continue reading

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Government Sign

This piece of artwork is a monument made of etched stone. The large piece is in the shape of the country of Saudi Arabia and is etched with images of some kings and historical or religious dates and events. It … Continue reading

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