Religious Programming

Saudi Arabian television programming consists of many stations which feature religious talk shows, lectures, and live religious services around the clock. During Ramadan – the month when all Muslims fast during the daytime hours – religious programming increases even more than usual. Some channels broadcast live from the famous mosques in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This photo shows the Kaaba, the large black cube shaped building which resides within the Masjid al-Haram Mosque in Makkah, and plays a very significant role in Islam as the object which all Muslims face when they pray. It is draped in an enormous black silk cloth called Kiswa which is embroidered with metallic threads of actual gold and silver. The black cube is constructed of granite which was quarried from the hills outside the city. During Hajj – the yearly event when millions of religious pilgrims visit Makkah – this entire area of the mosque shown on the screen would be crowded with people. Religious television programming during Hajj is also stepped up dramatically as well.

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4 Responses to Religious Programming

  1. Grami says:

    Amazing and detailed description of Kaba. Thank you for your research-based reports I really appreciate them, you must have been reading a lot about SA.

    Kaba was not actually built by Muslims, it’s believed that when Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic) came to drop his second wife Hajar and their son Ishmael in what’s known today as Makkah, he rebuilt Kaba on its historic foundation, i.e. there was a Kaba even before him. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a direct descendant of Ishmael in this respect.

  2. Interesting photo. A good shot too.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. Marahm says:

    Many stations? Wow, things have changed. When I lived in Saudi Arabia, we had two stations, one Arabic and one English. They began their broadcast day after Asr and signed off at midnight.

    I used to love watching the prayers from Mecca on the Arabic station (Channel 1), and Law and Order on the English station (Channel 2)every Thursday night. I also loved the British game show Crystal Maze and the hilarious Japanese show (I forgot the name) where people did challenges that got them wet or whacked or otherwise embarrassed.

    In Ramadan, the TV stations would bring wonderful serial films. I remember the English sub-titled film Oshin, about a Japanese woman’s life, and the Arabic film about a Saudi man whose two wives caused him (and each other) nothing but heartache.

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