Red Arabic Script

Many residential buildings here in Saudi Arabia have signage on them, as shown in this photo. I’m guessing it says the name of the owner or something along those lines. Some buildings also prominently display a phone number also.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Red Arabic Script

  1. A Blog Reader says:

    Many building owners run businesses out of the building. The signs on top often advertise the services provided. In this case it reads “Suhair’s Workshop for Ladies”. It’s probably a custom tailoring place.

  2. Qusay says:

    OMG that is HUGE, it looks like someone wrote it on the picture u took 🙂

    It is a women’s tailor shop where they make custom made dresses, and I guess the place next to it is a women’s beauty palor or spa or whatever they call them these days 🙂 oh yes center 🙂

    I am still thinking that is huge and probably lit at night also, must be good for the kids playing soccer in the field infront of it 🙂

    • Thanks for the translation, Qusay. Yes, it’s lit up at night. I’m pretty sure people live in the building too, so it’s great to have your business and your home in the same building, especially for women who can’t drive elsewhere to work.

  3. Randy says:

    Well you would never have a problem finding your home.

  4. Jerry M says:

    Very odd looking.

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