Wild Wall

This is not exactly something one might expect in strictly conservative and religious Saudi Arabia -a wild and crazy wall inside a local Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop in Jeddah. You can see Arabic writing and the “BR” logo on a figure’s cap down on the left.

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Wild Wall

  1. These are just comics, why do you think it is not OK with saudi society?

    • Hi Freshi Ice Sticks – You are reading something into what I wrote that I did not say. There are many people around the world who have an image of Saudi Arabia in their heads as being no fun, and this photo might surprise them. Nowhere did I say that I do not think it is not ok with Saudi society.

      • O Yes, you are right. The outside image of Saudi Arabia is different from what it actually is. And I must praise your blog for publishing local stuff online to tell what exactly Saudi Arabia is. Cheers 🙂

  2. Jerry M says:

    Very nice wall.

  3. Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
    We can be friends ???

  4. alyaba says:

    Not surprised to see this at all, jeddah is a very artistic city. i would however be very surprised to see such a wall here in USA, its very boring and bland. I miss the fun and colorful stores of saudi arabia.

  5. spanarabengl says:

    Not quite what I would have expected. I am somewhat encouraged by the Bright caricatures on the walls. Now if only the West would embrace more art of the Middle East.

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