Typical Street Scene

This is a very typical street scene in a business section of Jeddah. In this man dominated society, it’s not unusual to just see mostly men only on the streets. One man is walking in the street while talking on his mobile phone. He is wearing jeans and the small white traditional cap which in Saudi Arabia is called kuffiya. Two more men are standing in the street talking. One wears the very traditional Saudi clothing of the long white dress (thobe) and the red and white checkered scarf called shumagg. All the men sport open toed sandals on their feet.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Typical Street Scene

  1. Shouldn’t those men standing around waiting be somewhere praying?

  2. Chiara says:

    On topic: I really like these typical street scene photos, and this one in particular, with its “human interest”.

    Off topic: I just wanted you and your readers to know about a post I just did, with an interesting theme for which they can contribute their own creations, and I will post them:

    Fun with Food Art–Foodies and Photographers Do Your Thing!

    I hope you and others will read, enjoy, comment, and contribute!

  3. Dina says:

    You can learn so much from a typical street scene (if you have a good teacher, like we readers of the blog do).

  4. Qusay says:

    Being a construction supply area, selling things for construction, like scaffolding and ceramic floor tiling etc, you would not find women in that are mostly anywhere in the world, and if there were, I think the numbers would be very low.

    The guys in jeans are laborers and trades people, the guy in thobe and Yemeni style head gear is probably a foreman.

  5. Pathfinder says:

    Actually non of them is Saudi. They are Somalians and the guy who is wearing the Saudi thob is Somalian and with the style of the Shimagh I think he lived in Yemen because he is not wearing Igal and tight half of the Shimagh in his head.

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