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Banners in the Wind Sculpture

This is another sculpture made by Spanish architect and artist Julio Lafuente. Made from scrap metal harvested from two old water condensers that were the first of its kind to supply fresh water to the City of Jeddah, “Banners in … Continue reading

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Sculpture and Smokestacks

With the desalination smokestacks in the background, this sculpture is called “The Condenser II” and pays homage to the original water condensing system which provided potable water to the City of Jeddah back in the first half of the 1900s. … Continue reading

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Teayana Breakfast Platter

Served with an assortment of breads, this breakfast platter off the menu of Teayana here in Jeddah is a stunningly beautiful and traditional breakfast meal here in Saudi Arabia. On the left is an assortment of vegetables, olives, and “Za’atar,” … Continue reading

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YIG’s Anti-Litter Clean Up Campaign in Jeddah

A few days ago I was part of a volunteer Anti-Litter Clean-Up Campaign of a beach here in Jeddah which was organized by a wonderful group of concerned young people called the Young Initiative Group (YIG). YIG has undertaken many … Continue reading

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Green Mosque on the Red Sea

The city of Jeddah stretches for miles north to south along the Red Sea. There are at least four mosques that are built right on the coastline on the Corniche, with the Red Sea as their backdrop. This is an … Continue reading

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Large Ball Bearing Symbols Sculpture

Yet another cast alloy sculpture by German-born artist Ottmar Hollmann, “Large Ball Bearing Symbols” is an unusual shaped artwork that almost looks like something from outer space, but close-up has amazing beautiful details carved into it all over the piece. … Continue reading

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Billboard Ad

While alcohol is strictly forbidden by the religion in this country, many products are packaged to resemble and imitate forbidden items. “Near Beer” is very popular in this country and comes in a variety of flavors – and is quite … Continue reading

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Five Fan Palms Sculpture

This is another stunning sculpture made of cast alloy by German artist Ottmar Hollmann, who is credited with the creation of more than a dozen public art sculptures here in Jeddah. Most of his works were designed and made in … Continue reading

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Ministry of Information

This unusual modern building houses the Ministry of Information here in Jeddah, such as television, radio, and other types of public information.

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Bus Station

My apologies for the bad shot – but this is a downtown bus station here in Jeddah. It operates busses out of the country to neighboring countries, such as Lebanon and Syria.

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