Wedding Halls

Weddings are a big business here in Saudi Arabia. The cities are chock full of wedding halls that serve as venues for these occasions. The weddings I have attended here have been elaborate affairs, the likes of which I have never seen in all the years of weddings I attended in the states. The food, the party favors, the decorations, the flowers, the dresses and shoes, the make-up and hair-dos – the expense! There are not that many social events besides weddings here in Saudi society. Wedding halls have made the news here lately because there is a new edict in the Mecca Province whereby all wedding halls must have Arabic names now. This means that new business licenses must be issued and the old signs for the establishments in violation of the new order must be replaced. Business owners are trying to cooperate however it is not clear whether these changes must all be done at their own expense or whether at least the new license fees will be waived. New signage can be quite expensive. And then there is the issue that there will be confusion with the name changes and how it may affect businesses.

An Arab News article stated: “Many citizens have welcomed the governor’s directive, saying they were not happy with foreign-sounding businesses and institutions along the Kingdom’s roads and streets. ‘When we see such names we get the feeling that we are in a foreign country,’ one of them said.” There are many restaurants and other businesses that have non-Arabic names. The Arab news article mainly pertained to wedding halls, but it seemed to imply that this new ruling applies to all businesses.
To see another example of a beautiful and elegant wedding hall, please see this prior post I did.


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9 Responses to Wedding Halls

  1. jack says:

    hi sussie im kinda interested with your article. is it possible if you could email me some pictures of arabic weddings design.tnx.

  2. Jerry M says:

    Using that logic should the word algebra be changed to something like “arithmetic with variables”?

  3. Sharazaad says:

    Hi Susie,

    I like your article. Are you currently working in Saudi?

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