Skywatch: Mosque Being Built

Thought you might be interested in seeing a mosque under construction. Distinctive characteristics of most mosques here are the tall minarets and domes. There are hundreds and hundreds of mosques in Jeddah, maybe even thousands. Every few blocks there is a mosque. I’ve been in Saudi Arabia for three years now, and the construction boom is still booming. There is new construction everywhere in the city. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a photo of this mosque for you once it’s finished.
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Skywatch Friday


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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21 Responses to Skywatch: Mosque Being Built

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  2. Didier says:

    About mosque, do you know Shiite mosques are built with two minarets, and Sunnite’s with only one. There are some Shiite models in Jeddah ! Could you find them ?
    Didier, french resident in Jeddah…

    • Are you sure? This doesn’t sound right to me. What about huge mosques with many minarets? What about really small mosques? I doubt that this is a hard and fast rule – and I wonder if Muslims here know that?


  4. Francisca says:

    Hi, Suzie. I found you through SkyWatch. What is interesting, yet doesn’t surprise me, is the muted sky, muted no doubt by the sand in the air. I see it in all the photos I scrolled down to. Looks like an elegant mosque being built here. I also took a cursory look at your other blog and will be back to explore more.

  5. ladyfi says:

    Love the soft sky and the minaret in progress. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  6. chubskulit says:

    Great sky shot!

    Sky Watch at my page.

  7. Yogi says:

    That is very interesting. Maybe you could give us an “after” photo when it is complete. So for my dumb question of the day. Will somebody actually be standing in the minaret during the call to prayers or will there be loudspeakers up there. If somebody needs to go up there several times a day an elevator could be helpful.

    • Hi Yogi! Not a dumb question at all. Actually in the olden days, the adhan used to climb up to the top of the minaret five times a day to make the calls to prayer. His voice had to be strong and had to carry for quite a distance. With modern technology, nowadays the calls are pre-recorded and are sent out over loudspeakers pointed in every direction from atop the minaret. I’m not sure about the elevator though… maybe some bigger mosques have them.

  8. Trish says:

    interesting to see, thanks for sharing your bit of the world

  9. Al says:

    A very interesting and different perspective. The construction boom around here has been at a halt for a couple of years. We live in a new neighborhood, and there’s been maybe one house put up in the last two years. And a huge commercial development a couple of miles from us came to a halt half-finished as the company went bankrupt.

    • Hi Al – I keep watching for a slow-up but I’m continually amazed at the construction frenzy here. There have been a few projects that have seemed to stop for a time, but it seems that most are full steam ahead.

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  11. ewok1993 says:

    looks like a gloomy day. and most importantly it doesn’t feel hot at all.

    • Hi Ewok! The skies here most days are hazy – and there aren’t many days that have clouds. Sometimes the skies are just a hazy gray from sand in the air and pollution. It may not look hot, but it was!

  12. Susie, how great to see you back!! I do hope you had a great visit in Washington. Know you were really busy, but it would have been fun to meet up, but maybe next time! Terrific capture for the day! Looks like it will be a lovely Mosque. Great sky, too! Happy SWF! Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. Lorac says:

    Hi Susie! That is quite interesting. What a ton of scaffolding!

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