Modern Building, Blue Glass

There are many modern blue glassed structures in Jeddah. This one is near downtown Jeddah and I believe it houses offices. It is attached to a beautiful blue tiled mall that is no longer in use. Most big office buildings here use reflective metallic glass on their windows to help keep the effects of the hot sun out.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to Modern Building, Blue Glass

  1. ymala1 says:

    Oasis mall’s out of business? There’s a couple of conspiracy theories regarding the coincidence of the massive road works that were started up there just as the mall launched, thus making the pain of actually getting to the mall contribute heavily to its untimely demise. A pity really, the mall was quite beautiful inside.

  2. alyaba says:

    So mahmood saeed mall is no more?????

    • It’s apparently been sitting empty for quite a while. It’s such a shame. The location seems good and the building is nice – I love the blue tilework. This is what I have been told, so my information may be inaccurate – but several people have told me the same thing.

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