Large Ball Bearing Symbols Sculpture

Yet another cast alloy sculpture by German-born artist Ottmar Hollmann, “Large Ball Bearing Symbols” is an unusual shaped artwork that almost looks like something from outer space, but close-up has amazing beautiful details carved into it all over the piece. It is referred to by locals as “The Spaceship” or “The Octopus” and is housed in Jeddah’s large public open air art museum called Al Hamra. The intricate designs were inspired by a variety of sources, ranging from Oriental philosophy to astrology to Western Science. The tall narrow sculpture seen behind it is called “The Solar Clock,” which was designed by an American artist, Walter Ferro. This clock sculpture was a gift presented to the City of Jeddah by Mobil Oil and uses solar energy to operate its time and temperature displays.

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4 Responses to Large Ball Bearing Symbols Sculpture

  1. Havivah says:

    Hey! This looks like Disney’s Incredibles 🙂

  2. ewok1993 says:

    i wonder if someone made count on how many are these wonderful art installations all over the city. it seems that every corner there is one. i like that the streets are littered with these.

    • I don’t know if there is an actual count. I know that there are hundreds and that I haven’t even seen or been able to photograph all of them. There is a book that I have about these sculptures which is where I get a lot of my information from, but it doesn’t have all of the sculptures in it and is probably close to 20 years old.

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